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More and more people are struggling with memory problems: students facing pressure to improve their performance and employees using caffeine to stay competitive in high-pressure jobs. The number of old people being enrolled for Medicare is equally increasing at an alarming rate.

If you haven’t heard, Nootropics are the talk of the town. They are advertised to increase memory, focus, cognition as well as memory capacity. These supplements have truly taken the world by storm with people shifting to them for their benefits.

One challenge though: it can be difficult to distinguish between the best supplement brands. This is however understandable because the market is growing and new brands are coming up all boasting of their benefits over other supplements. It can be confusing and might end up buying a supplement that does not work.

Remember that not every nootropic works the same for everyone so before you choose a brand, read through these five essential tips to help you pick a good nootropic supplement brand you can trust.

Tip #1: Consider Well-Known Brands

This might sound too obvious, but many people do not care about the brand that makes a product provided they can pay a lower price for it. Well, this might not be too bad when you are buying groceries, but it might pose a risk when buying health supplements. Just because your local pharmacy is selling the supplement doesn’t mean you should automatically trust it.

Tip #2: Always Read the Ingredients

Read carefully the kind of ingredients used to make the product. Understand the active ingredients and the amount used. A nootropic supplement can be overly ineffective if the ingredients are not the right quantity regardless of how effective they are. Do not overlook the “other ingredients” section either. This can be where manufacturers throw in potentially harmful ingredients.

Tip #3: Take the Lowest Recommended Dose

Dosage recommendations are often based on clinical trials and user reviews. Follow the dosage instructions for each product. If you are trying these supplements for the first time, go for nootropics with the lowest recommended dose to see how they react to your body. Start with basic nootropics as a beginner and allow your body to get adjusted to the supplement.

Tip #4: Avoid the Hype

Some nootropic ads create false expectations of achieving instant superior intelligence. This is however not true because the best nootropics take time to work.

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Now that you have the right information and a “buyer beware” attitude, it is time to find the best nootropic supplement brand you can trust by reading our reviews below:

Product: Qualia Mind

Manufacturer: Neurohacker Collective

Founder: Daniel Schmachtenberger


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Product: Alpha Brain Instant

Manufacturer: Onnit Labs

Founder: Aubrey Marcus


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Product: Smart Caffeine

Manufacturer: Natural Stacks

Founder: Ben Hebert and Roy Krebs


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Product: Awaken

Manufacturer: Awakened Alchemy

Founder: N/A


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Product: Unfair Advantage

Manufacturer: Bulletproof

Founder: Dave Aspery


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Product: Nitrovit

Manufacturer: Neuro Laboratories

Founder: Archie Marks


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Product: Clarity

Manufacturer: Thrivous

Founder: Lincoln Cannon


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Product: NeuroGum

Manufacturer: NeuroGum, LLC

Founder: Kent Yoshimura and Ryan Chen


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Product: neuroIGNITE

Manufacturer: Havasu Nutrition

Founder: N/A

Amazon Listing:

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Product: Neuro Peak

Manufacturer: Zhou Nutrition

Founder: John Alex Upperman


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Product: New Mood

Manufacturer: Onnit

Founder: Aubrey Marcus


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Product: Four Sigmatic

Manufacturer: Four Sigmatic

Founder: Tero Isokauppila


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Product: Alpha Brain

Manufacturer: Onnit Labs

Founder: Aubrey Marcus


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Product: Brain Pill

Manufacturer: Leading Edge Health

Founder: N/A


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Product: CILTEP

Manufacturer: Natural Stacks

Founder:  Ben Hebert and Roy Krebs


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Product: truBrain

Manufacturer: truBrain

Founder:  Chris Thompson


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Product: Nootrobox

Manufacturer: HVMN

Founder:  Geoffrey Woo and Michael Brandt


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Product: Optimind

Manufacturer: AlternaScript

Founder:  Lucas Siegel


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Product: Lumonol

Manufacturer: Avanse Nutraceuticals

Founder:  Floyd Gibson


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Product: Mind Lab Pro

Manufacturer: Opti-Nutra LTD

Founder:  David Robert Wright


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Product: NooCube

Manufacturer: ERGO Group Limited

Founder:  N/A


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Product: Qualia

Manufacturer: Neurohacker Collective

Founder: Daniel Schmachtenberger


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